Painful Breasts: What to do to Soothe Them

I have always had a small chest; I was overjoyed when my breasts began to double in volume during the first pregnancy. A lady I met on a beach had even acclaimed me on my “resplendent” pregnancy. When I confessed, stammering, that I was proud to fill my shirt top for the actual time in my life, I was flabbergasted by advising me to take a picture to remember it as soon as I would need it! If you are at the early stage of pregnancy, your body too must be changing dramatically. In recent weeks, your body has produced many more hormones, including progesterone and estrogen, which can cause some disruption.

This rise in hormone levels causes the infamous morning sickness, but also heartburn, headaches and a lot of other medical condition which might not be escaped and I will have the opportunity to talk to you regularly to offer you natural remedies

What Can you do to Stop these Pains?

The tension in your breasts will naturally calm down as you get toward your 2nd trimester. Making findings isn’t a bad idea/opinion on how to minimize breast pains, that is the more reason you should inquire about your health from reputable hospitals and online pharmacy. In the meantime, here are tips on natural solutions to soothe your sore breasts during pregnancy:

Massage with Vegetable Oils

I massaged every day during my two pregnancies and gained good experience of the most useful oils and gels. Although I sometimes exasperated my husband who couldn’t stand to see traces of oil on our bedside tables and our sheets constantly, I don’t regret anything because my massages relieved me of many pains! I recommend firstly Aloe Vera gel, which is commonly used as a remedy for irritated skin. Use Aloe Vera gel without fear, it is nontoxic and gives an immediate effect of soothing on your sensitive area. As it keeps better and longer in the refrigerator, don’t relent on applying cold on your chest for an even more decongestant effect.

Invest in a Pregnancy Bra without Underwire

During those first, sometimes painful weeks, maintaining your breasts really help relieve discomfort or pain.

When you Play Sports

If you play sports, don’t relent on wearing bras with strong holding power. This helps to carry the extra weight of your breasts, to avoid them from falling and will limit the tension causing these pains.