Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: Does it Really Work

The assumption made in cognitive therapy is that your thoughts precede your moods, and self-beliefs that are false produces negative emotions, and thus one gets depressed. The cognitive therapy’s goal is to help you to recognize and re-assess the patterns of the negative thoughts you have and then replace them with good and positive thoughts that will reflect closely with reality.

How Mindfulness is Built on Cognitive Therapy

The mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is built on the principles of cognitive therapy in which mindfulness meditation is used for teaching the patient how to consciously pay attention to their thoughts and feelings without making any judgments on them or not get caught up on what’s stored for them in the future. The patient gets thought clarity, and you get tools to easily let the negative thoughts go off your thoughts instead of negative thoughts to feed on their depression.

Similar to cognitive therapy, the mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is based on the theory that you can become depressed or you have a history of depression, that will bring back the automatic cognitive process that triggered episodes of depression in your past. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy helps you to learn to interrupt the automatic process of thoughts.

What is Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy Used for?

Chronic depression patients are helped with the help of MBCT. The patients learn the ways to avoid a relapse of not engaging with the automatic thought pattern that worsens the depression. Also, some researches proved that MBCT could reduce craving for addictive substances.

What Can You Expect?

MBCT program will last for eight weeks, and it is a group intervention. There will be a weekly course for 2 hours, and a long one-day class after the fifth week, and is mainly done outside the class. But most of the benefits of MBCT course can be taken achieved with self-practice. The coaches or trainers or therapists can only show you the right path.

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