How to Use a Detox Drink to Pass Drug Test

It is a challenge for people to balance their personal and their professional life. In order to help unwind, there are many Americans who like to unwind with something that could show up on a drug test. This causes the individual to purchase a detox drink to pass drug test.

 Although some substances, such as recreational marijuana, are both recreationally and medicinally legal in multiple states, there is still a federal ban on many substances, including marijuana. This means that employers do have the right to refuse to hire (or to terminate) individuals who fail a drug test. This includes THC.

Some Substances are Safer than Alcohol

One of the shocking things is that many of these recreational substances, including marijuana, are safer than alcohol. For example, it is extremely challenging to overdose on marijuana. Those who overdose on alcohol can easily develop alcohol poisoning. This can lead to liver failure and could be life-threatening. Furthermore, marijuana (which is one of the safest substances when compared to alcohol and others) actually takes the longest to depart someone’s urine. With this in mind, how are people going to be able to use a recreational substance and still pass a urine drug screen for their employer, particularly when numerous companies require their employees to pass a drug test? Their job could depend on it.

The Idea Behind Detox Drink to Pass Drug Test

When people take a drug test, this is typically a urine screen. When people consume medications, both legal and recreational, the body breaks these substances down. The byproducts of these substances are what drug tests are looking for. Therefore, if someone were able to consume a drink that would alter these byproducts, they could fool a urine drug screen. Detox drinks help this happen in multiple ways, which include:

  • Speeding up the rate at which these byproducts leave the system
  • Altering the metabolism of these byproducts to become something else
  • Fooling the test by shielding the byproducts from the drug screen itself

There are lots of options for people available. A simple google search will help people locate these detox drinks. It is important for everyone who is considering detox drink to pass drug test to read the ingredient list carefully. Some people could have allergies to the ingredients in the drink itself.

Passing the Final Drug Screen

Lastly, those who have advanced notice that their drug screen is coming need to think about the timing of the drink carefully. Some of these drinks are only going to work for a few hours after ingestion, so make sure to time the void to fit these windows. Passing a drug screen is important for many jobs and everyone should do everything in their power to pass with flying colors.