How To Find The Best Nose Surgeon

If a person is not happy with the appearance of their nose they can change that. A plastic surgeon can perform a rhinoplasty procedure also known as a nose job. When looking for a nose surgeon in London there are some qualifications to keep in mind.

Board Certified

This is very important when it comes to choosing a cosmetic surgeon. The doctor should be board certified to perform the rhinoplasty. This shows that they have the education and experience needed for this procedure.


Be sure to ask about the training and experience the nose doctor in London has with their procedure. It is okay to ask for patient references and before and after pictures of previous patients. Ask about their licensing and other important information about previous procedures the doctor has performed.


When a person walks into the plastic surgeon’s office take note of the feeling the office is giving off. The office should be clean and it should have a friendly feel. The staff should be polite and helpful. When speaking with the doctor it is important to feel comfortable with them. The doctor should take the time to answer any questions a patient may have. They should also make the patient feel safe.

Ask About the Facility

In addition to the doctor having the proper board certifications, the entire facility should be certified and operate within a safe and professional manner. Ask about the accreditation of the medical facility. Some of the popular and trusted accreditations include AAAASF, AAAHC, and JCAHO. During the procedure, an anesthesiologist is going to be needed. A person will need to be put under so that the doctor can work and deal with pain management. The job of the anesthetist is very important. The medical professional in this position should be a Board Certified Anesthesiologist for the safety of the patient.


While it is not wise to select a doctor solely based on price this is a concern when it comes time to pay for the procedure. Most insurance plans will not cover plastic surgery even rhinoplasty. The surgeon should help their patients develop a payment plan. They may offer in house financing and other options. Even if a doctor accepts the insurance they still may not be the best choice.

Ask Around

Even if a person does not know anyone that had a nose job personally they can still find those that are willing to give the references for a doctor. Other healthcare providers including the general practitioner may be able to recommend a doctor to perform the nose job. There are sites online such as Healthgrades that will allow a person to read reviews about the doctor.

Hospital Performance

If the operation is going to be performed in a local hospital it is important to research that hospital based on their safety rating and performance. The staff at the hospitals must be professional and they must put safety first. Most hospitals are rated between one and five stars. If the hospital in which the doctor works out of receives one or two stars that it is best to find another facility. A person cannot be too careful when it comes to safety. The nose surgeon in London should always put safety first.

These are some tips to help a person find the best doctor to perform their rhinoplasty procedure. This is still a surgery even for cosmetic purposes and it is important to work with a medical staff that is licensed, professional, and highly trained.