Glo: A Convenient Way to Practice Meditation Online

Yoga and meditation are two of the oldest wellness practices in existence. Today, these ancient practices are gaining newfound popularity all around the world thanks to resources like Glo. Glo makes it easy to take your workout or meditation session with you anywhere you go. It’s designed to strengthen mind, body, and spirit in tandem for people from all walks of life.

What is Glo?

Glo is a service that offers classes on yoga, Pilates, and meditation online. For a flat fee of $18 per month, members can take as many classes as they want. The course offerings are frequently updated, giving members plenty of new and fresh content to explore on a regular basis.

According to the company itself, the mission of Glo is to help people reach their full potential. The company’s manifesto stresses the importance of living authentically, investing in oneself, and cultivating compassion. Glo believes everybody can benefit from using their services, from high-powered CEOs to stay-at-home parents. By learning to be more present and engaged through yoga and meditation, everyone can improve their relationships and live a richer life.

Portable, user-friendly meditation online

The world moves faster today than it ever has before, and people are busier than ever, too. Few people have the time or energy to set aside hours for working out and meditating. Mindfulness and fitness practices need to evolve to keep up with people’s changing needs and expectations.

Glo wants to help people bridge the gap between slowing down to live more mindfully and keeping up with all the responsibilities of the present day. With Glo, you can take your courses and guided meditations with you everywhere you go on your phone, so whenever you have a few minutes to yourself, you can take the opportunity to center and ground yourself. This on-the-go format is ideal for anyone who wants to fully integrate their mindfulness practice into their day-to-day life.

Courses Glo offers

The word “meditation” doesn’t refer to a single practice. There are many different types of meditation practiced throughout the world, and Glo offers classes on a wide variety of them. The company’s range of offerings appeals to spiritual seekers who are still searching for their favorite way to meditate, as well as those who like to change up their mindfulness routine to stave off boredom. A few of the courses Glo currently offers include:

•An impermanence meditation that helps participants find peace in the midst of life’s uncertainty

•Several breath-based meditations that help participants connect with their inner calm through the rhythm of their breath

•A 5-minute, beginner-friendly guided mindfulness meditation that’s designed to get participants off to a great start in the morning

Glo also offers yoga and Pilates courses. In these courses, qualified teachers demonstrate how to perform various techniques and guide students through routines designed to strengthen both the body and the mind. Students of all skill backgrounds will be able to find courses designed for their level of experience and fitness. Glo also offers classes for yoga instructors who want to become more effective at teaching their students.

Try meditation online today

Staying grounded and serene can be a challenge in today’s over-scheduled, hyper-connected world. Tools like Glo can make a big difference in helping people stay in touch with what matters most to them. If you’ve been feeling a little disconnected from yourself, trying meditation online with a resource like Glo could help you remain in a calm and positive state of mind every day.