Four Signs you Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Typically, your wisdom teeth may start erupting anywhere from your mid-teens until your late 20’s. When this happens, you may experience excruciating pain and even an infection. But, most people have no issues with their wisdom teeth because they tend to grow in properly. But, if you suffer from impacted wisdom teeth, you may need surgical extraction. Knowing the signs you need wisdom tooth extraction is necessary to get your much-needed relief and avoid further issues.

A wisdom tooth is impacted if there is no room for it to erupt properly. Because the tooth does not have the room to grow and therefore must be removed surgically so it does not crowd with other teeth. Also, this can avoid serious and costly dental issues down the road. The following are some common signs you need wisdom tooth extraction:

Your Gum Tissue is Swelling

When your wisdom teeth are impacted, you may feel like you are teething again since your gums might be swelling. This something you cannot hope to resolve on its own because only an extraction can fix this.

Your Jaw Area Swelling

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause the jaw to swell on a side in the area of your wisdom tooth. You may find it sensitive to your touch. You can expect to experience a dull headache and stabbing headaches.

You Find It Hard to Chew Food

Your wisdom teeth are meant to help you chew food that is harder to chew. But, if these teeth are impacted and must erupt, you may experience serious pain when you try to chew your favorite foods. In case the problem persists, you need to see your dentist at Pur Dental Clinic since the issue may not resolve itself.

You Feel Pain in the Back of your Mouth

In some cases, a toothache is actually an impacted wisdom tooth. A lot of people visit a dental office because of problems associated with wisdom teeth. But, a pain caused by this problem tends not to go away. It is going to be really painful and can significantly affect your quality of life.

The best way to know if you need wisdom tooth extraction is to schedule an appointment with your dentist. They will perform an X-ray imaging to confirm your condition. This x-ray is important since impacted wisdom teeth may not manifest signs and symptoms until late in their development. Don’t wait until your dental problem gets worst, schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately if you experience any symptoms.