Can Taking Greens Help You Have Better Workouts?

To maintain a healthy body and perform your best in the gym, you need to consume a full complement of vitamins, minerals, and other trace compounds each day. Most nutrition experts recommend eating 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables to help meet this requirement, but let’s face it: that can be a chore even for the most dedicated of bodybuilders. That’s where “greens” come into play.

Greens are concentrated forms of fruits, vegetables, algae, and grasses that have been desiccated (dried out) and ground into powder. Greens  are usually sold either as a drink mix or capsules, and they make a convenient way to boost your plant-based nutrient intake.

For hard training bodybuilders who can’t — or won’t — eat enough fruits and veggies each day, greens can be a valuable addition to a complete  fitness regimen.

Here are a few ways that taking greens can help you have better workouts.

Overall Health

The absolute key to making progress in your physique goals over weeks, months, and years is being consistent and not missing workouts. That’s hard to do if you’re always fighting a cold or other infection because you’re rundown and malnourished. Missing out on the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy is a sure way to compromise your immune system and keep you on the sidelines rather than training hard.

By filling your nutritional gaps, greens can help you stay illness-free and hitting the gym week after week. It’s this consistency over time that allows your workouts to progress and become both more intense AND more productive.

Antioxidant Power

Hard training is a major source of free radicals for bodybuilders and other athletes, and a build-up of free radicals can lead to all sorts of unwanted cell damage that can compromise your health over time. Even if you don’t train at all, though, there are plenty of other sources of free radicals — second-hand smoke, radiation, drugs, your own metabolism —    that can compromise your well-being.

Most greens are rich sources of antioxidants, which help to mop up free radicals to help keep you healthy. While you don’t want to overdo antioxidants right after training, they’re a vital part of a healthful diet.

Nutrient Density

Believe it or not, if you’re trying to gain weight but have  a fast metabolism, fruits and vegetables can be a hindrance to your goal of packing on mass.

That seems counterintuitive since these foods  are so good for you, but the problem comes from their bulk. Eating fruits and veggies all day long is a great strategy for losing weight because they keep  you full while you get your vitamins and minerals. Skinny hardgainers, though, usually have the opposite problem: they can’t take in enough calories to fuel growth.

By substituting greens supplements for at least some of your “real” roughage, you still get your important nutrients but leave room (and appetite) to take in the calories you need to add mass.

Travel Aid

Maintaining your workout schedule can be tough when you’re on the road, but eating healthy can be still  more challenging. Even when you choose the “right” menu items at restaurants, you can never be sure how your dishes are prepared, and it’s often nearly impossible to find fresh fruits and vegetables when you need them. At times like these, greens can save the day because you can take them just about anywhere and they offer a quick, convenient way to get a blast of plant-based nutrition.

No supplement will ever overcome our need for fresh, wholesome foods, and that’s  especially  true for fruits and vegetables. If you’re a hard-training bodybuilder with a busy lifestyle, though, greens can help you cover nutritional gaps tand ensure consistent, intense training sessions to help you build your body to its best.

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