Author: Paul watson

What Is the Success rate of Hair Transplantation

The hair transplant procedure is a surgical restoration technique in which hair roots from the donor area, i.e., the back & side is extracted and transplanted into the recipient balding part of the scalp. The hair transplant procedure is usually applied to treat the male pattern baldness and effectively treat […]

The Benefits of Going to a Gym

Going to a gym is a smart choice if you want to look and feel your best — but what are the specific benefits? At MÜV Fitness, there are many of them. You can use the muv fitness class schedule to plan your classes based on your needs and goals. Read on […]

All You Need To Know About Vertigo

All You Need To Know About Vertigo Vertigo is what we commonly known as dizziness that can happen because of problems in peripheral vertigo – the inner ear or central vertigo where problems are in the brain or the nervous system. Pinpointing out the reason behind the same and understanding […]