Author: Paul Petersen

How Much Water Should You Drink In a Day?

Stay hydrated! This is a common phrase that you’ve probably heard countless times from dieticians, physicians, coaches, and even your parents. Although this is sound advice, it is easier said than done. The truth is that the human body is approximately 60% water, and you need to do everything possible […]

Why you should never ignore lymphedema

There is no cure for lymphedema but lymphedema treatment can significantly reduce the symptoms and improve quality of life. If left untreated, lymphedema often overtakes your life by limiting activity and causing pain that often results in embarrassment. How do you develop lymphedema? Those who have lymphedema have lymphatic system damage often caused by […]

Drug Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate

If you’re suffering from drug addiction in Buckeye, Arizona, you’re not fighting this battle alone. Here, in Arizona, we’re not immune to any form of addiction. Drug addiction is a disease that does not discriminate. The people who become addicted to drugs such as Heroin, Meth and Cocaine are our […]

Health issues caused by bad oral hygiene

Bad oral hygiene resulting in tooth decay, gum disease (gingivitis) and periodontitis increases your risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis and even premature birth. Oral bacteria responsible for dental problems may infiltrate the bloodstream, reach organs and joints and cause serious inflammation and infection. If you need to […]