All You Need To Know About Vertigo

All You Need To Know About Vertigo

Vertigo is what we commonly known as dizziness that can happen because of problems in peripheral vertigo – the inner ear or central vertigo where problems are in the brain or the nervous system. Pinpointing out the reason behind the same and understanding what leads to a particular patient’s episode of vertigos gives the doctor better ground to form the diagnosis on.

Certain common reasons for vertigo are as follows:

1) Irritation and swelling in the inner ear is a condition called labyrinthitis as referred to as vestibular neuritis. Caused by viruses or inner ear infections, people suffering from this, experience sudden hearing loss and balance problems.

2) When there is an excessive build-up of fluid in your inner ear, the condition is called Meniere’s disease where the patient suffering from the same experiences intense episodes of vertigo. There might also be other symptoms like hearing loss, or plugged ears or a certain ringing sound in the ears.

3) The most common cause of vertigo is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV as people know it commonly. What happens here is that small crystals break free in the semi-circular canals of the inner ear which leads to a trigger and thereby causing mild episodes of vertigo. No specific reason behind the same is provided and so BPPV can happen because of mild to harsh blows on the head.

What to do when you are diagnosed with vertigo?

1) In many cases, it so happens that the symptoms are so obvious that people can conclude by themselves that they are suffering from vertigo and thereby seek the help of a doctor who can help them with the same.

2) In certain cases, it is difficult to pinpoint or relate particular episodes to that of vertigo which means that you will have to get your ear diagnosed for the same and understand what the problem is.

3) If it is certain that a person is suffering from vertigo then the next step is to check how much damage has been done to the ear and its consequences to the person’s hearing.

For all the above-mentioned tests, Audiologie Centre-Ouest Clinique Vertige can help you get a detailed input on what the problem is and how to tackle the same. What happens next depends on the type of treatment suggested and other professional inputs from the clinic and the doctors.