4 Ways to Make Pregnancy a Healthy Journey

There are two kinds of pregnant women. You have the kind that finds the physical journey a completely beautiful and magical one. Some women are just eternal optimists, you know. And, there is the kind that’s a little bit “raw” (especially first time expectant mothers) and those who have what people would consider a difficult or challenging pregnancy.

Whether you identify with one or the other, one important thing remains — you need to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. A lot of women still do not take this matter seriously and use having a human being growing inside them as an excuse to indulge their cravings — after all, it’s the hormones driving the cravings. On top of that, the way their body is transforming is also used as a reason to take things easy.

Here’s the thing, unless your doctor says you have a delicate pregnancy, you should be doing everything you can to manage your weight and overall health. Here are four easy ways to have a healthy pregnancy:

1. Talk to your mother, spouse or close friend about your health goals.

Your mother, spouse, and/or bosom buddy should be your biggest support and it will help you, even more, if they are aware of your health goals. This way, they will not bring home food that is not good for you. Perhaps your husband, for example, can even make adjustments to his schedule so he can accompany you to the activities you want to participate in to improve your health, including appointments with your ob-gyne.

Most of the time, these people are more than willing to be “inconvenienced” by you while you are pregnant because they care about your and are as excited about the little one as you are. So, talk to them about it and request their support.

2. Prepare your own snacks.

When you are pregnant, you will find yourself wanting to munch on something constantly. It will do you well to avoid the lure of the typical snacks that you normally can find at convenience stores and local grocers and simply prepare your own.

The advantage to making your own snacks is you can be selective with the ingredients. You can purchase the freshest fruits and the healthiest ingredients. Likewise, you can even save some money, especially if you research ways to make different snacks out of the same ingredients.

Some of the best snacks for pregnancy include:

  • Greek yoghurt
  • Vegetable chips (kale, particularly, is a breeze to turn into chips and you only use sea salt and olive oil, which are both rich in nutrients that pregnant women need)
  • Dried fruits
  • Nuts and seeds (for fiber, protein and minerals)

Not only are these snacks easy to make and yummy, you can bring them anywhere, too. Just place single servings in zip-lock bags and you’re snacking urges are covered for the day.

3. Maintain a good sense of humor.

A happy pregnancy is a healthy pregnancy. Manage the stress your changing body can create by finding joy and humor in what you are going through. One of the surefire ways to do that is to join soon-to-be-mummy forums or moms’ club online. You can exchange tales with each other and get a laugh out of the crazy occurrences in your pregnancy journey, as well as share helpful tips.

Another thing you can do when you are feeling the blues, especially when the weather is dark and dreary, is to watch comedy flicks or stand-up comedy shows online. A bit of laughter will go a long way in alleviating your mood, and in helping your unborn child experience it as well.

Remember, the little one can feel your loneliness, sadness and stress, so stress management is paramount. Also, being happy while pregnant will send a wave of happy hormones (dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin) throughout your body, which can help ease some of the pains and discomforts typical to pregnant women.

4. Keep moving.

The couch and bed may be inviting but reserve your sessions with them at night time. “Walk as much as you can,” said the Recreation Program Leader Piyush Shah. “If you have girlfriends who already have babies, join them when they go to the park to treat the little ones to some fresh air. Or, if you have a dog, spend some quality time with it and go on walks together,” adds Mr. Shah.

And, if you really want to be the healthiest that you can be while pregnant, sign up for exercise classes designed for pregnant women. You can have pool aerobics, swimming, and even pregnancy yoga to choose from.

A healthy pregnancy usually culminates in a hassle-free childbirth. Therefore, be deliberate with the choices you make in terms of your diet, exercise, and maintaining your emotional wellbeing.