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What is Suikodo™? | What are the Benefits? | What to Expect During Your Treatment

What is Suikodo™?

suikodoSuikodo™ is a gentle “hands-on” technique used to manage pain and treat musculoskeletal injury. With roots in Shiatsu and Swedish massage, it involves gentle manipulation of joints or gentle pressure over the skin to stimulate nerve endings and acupuncture points in order to trigger a change in your nervous system’s response to pain stimuli.

Typical conditions treated using Suikodo™ include headaches, neck, low back and hip pain, “frozen shoulder”, sciatica and tendonitis.

What are the Benefits of Suikodo™?

Suikodo™ is often effective where other pain treatments have not been. It is gentle enough that it may be used to treat conditions in which intensity of pain makes use of other treatments inappropriate.

Although the precise mechanism by which Suikodo™ affects the body is not known, the benefits are often longer lasting than other treatments, not requiring repeated treatments to maintain benefit (e.g., in joint misalignments).

In certain cases, Suikodo™ has been used to successfully correct “untreatable” musculoskeletal health concerns (e.g., scoliosis, chronic arthritis, severe injuries).

What to Expect During Your Treatment

Suikodo™ treatments involve gentle, passive manipulation of joints and muscles. Some improvement in pain or loss of function is expected after the first treatment.

The number and length of treatments required for maximal benefit vary from patient to patient, depending on health concern and lifestyle factors that may affect rate of recovery.



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