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Laboratory Testing

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What Tests are Available? | More About the Tests and Cost | Understanding Food Sensitivity

Laboratory Testing and What Tests are Available?

Laboratory Testing is available to help diagnose and monitor disease. Numerous blood, urine, hair, saliva and stool analysis tests are available to assess health concerns such as food allergies/sensitivities, hormone imbalances, digestive problems, nutrient deficiencies, toxic overload and cardiovascular screening.

More About the Tests and Cost

lab testingYour first step would be to book an appointment with our Naturopathic Doctor. If it is determined that Laboratory Testing is right for you, a requisition is completed and payment is received at our clinic. You will then be directed to a local LifeLabs Patient Service Centre. The closest location to our clinic is at 1060 Speers Rd West, Unit 120, Oakville. For your convenience, LifeLabs offers online appointment booking.

Our Naturopathic Doctor may recommend urine, hair, saliva or stool analysis tests. Most of these tests are collected with a supplied at home kit that is mailed directly to LifeLabs.

All results come directly to our clinic, at which time you will be notified by phone and asked to book a follow-up visit with our Naturopathic Doctor.

The cost for Laboratory Testing will vary depending on how many and which tests you choose, ranging from under $100 to over $400. These tests may or may not be covered by your extended health insurance plan. It is best to contact your provider directly for more details in regard to the specifics of your plan.

Understanding Food Sensitivity

The terms food allergy, food intolerance, and food sensitivity all refer to abnormal reactions to foods, and
the terms are often used interchangeably. However, food reactions fall into one of two categories: those
that involve activation of the immune system (IgE or IgG antibodies produced) or; non-immune mediated
reactions such as lactose intolerance.

Reactions that trigger an immune response are often called allergies and occur when the body over-reacts
to foods. This over-reaction, or hypersensitivity, triggers the immune system to produce antibodies to
attack the ‘foreign’ food proteins which the immune system recognizes as a threat.

Hypersensitivities are grouped into four types: I, II, III and IV. These classifications are based on which
part of the immune system is activated and how long it takes for a reaction to occur. The two types of
hypersensitivities that are most often associated with adverse reactions to food are:

Type I Hypersensitivity
IgE-mediated allergy / food allergy / immediate hypersensitivity
These reactions are characterized by the production of IgE antibodies and the release of histamine and other chemical mediators upon exposure to an allergen (e.g. peanuts and shellfish). They are responsible for the ‘immediate-onset’ of symptoms that can occur within seconds or minutes following ingestion of certain foods. Symptoms often associated with classic IgE allergies include: rashes, sneezing, difficulty breathing and anaphylactic shock. It is often readily apparent which foods are responsible for a food allergy, and these foods must be avoided for life.

Type III Hypersensitivity
IgG-mediated allergy / food sensitivity / delayed hypersensitivity
These reactions are characterized by the production of IgG antibodies and the gradual
formation of antigen-antibody complexes which deposit in tissues and can lead to chronic inflammation. They are responsible for the ‘delayed-onset’ of symptoms, which can occur several hours or days after foods are ingested. Symptoms may include: irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), headaches/migraines, fatigue, high blood pressure, eczema, asthma, joint pain, runny nose, arthritis, weight problems and fibromyalgia. It is often possible to eliminate reactive food(s) from the diet for several months and gradually re-introduce when symptoms have improved.

For more information on food sensitivity and the tests available, please call us at 905.465.4595 to book an appointment with our Naturopathic Doctor.





For more information and to book an appointment, please call 905.465.4595.


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