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Back Pain: How a Chiropractor Can Help
Can Massage Therapy Help You Get Better Sleep?

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December 2017

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Back Pain: How a Chiropractor Can Help

dr tara brownDr. Tara Brown, (Hon) BA Kin, DC, ART®, D.Ac
Doctor of Chiropractic

Back pain is a problem that affects millions of Canadians. Research has estimated that about 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in their lives. Most causes of back pain are mechanical or non-organic - meaning they are not caused by serious conditions such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture or cancer. Mechanical causes of back pain include: injuries, heavy lifting, aging, recreational activities, pregnancy and the stress of everyday life. Unfortunately, when your back hurts, many other aspects of your life may suffer too. Simple everyday tasks like getting in and out of a car, putting on a coat, picking up a child, sitting at a desk or standing for periods of time may become unmanageable. Fortunately, chiropractors may be able to help!

How Can Chiropractors Help?

You should consider consulting a chiropractor for an assessment if you experience back pain that lasts more than a few days. Based on the assessment, your chiropractor will recommend a course of treatment that is individualized to you. back painMost people respond well to treatment and will be able to return to their regular activities faster than if they had chosen to wait it out on their own. Below are the most common treatment techniques that chiropractors use to help you become pain free:

  1. Manual Therapy: When a joint in the spine is not moving well, your chiropractor may utilize this treatment technique to help regain motion within a joint. This can be achieved either by joint mobilization (slow, gentle stretches of the affected joint) or manipulation (a quick but gentle movement that stretches the joint).
  2. Soft Tissue Therapy: This is a form of treatment where the chiropractor works to relax and treat tight, sore muscles. There are a variety of ways that this can be achieved such as manual release therapy or Active Release Technique (stretching the muscle while applying pressure), trigger point therapy (applying direct pressure on the area that is most tense) or instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy or Graston® (using a stainless-steel instrument to apply pressure and sweep over the affected area).
  3. Exercise Therapy/Self-Management: Simple exercises will be provided that you can do at home to help with your pain and to help prevent it from returning. Your chiropractor will also be able to provide you with safe lifting techniques, tips for good posture and other strategies that you can incorporate into your day to prevent re-injury. 

Many people choose to wait out their back pain but ignoring it does not make it go away. It can take up to 6-8 weeks for back pain to heal on its own. It is important to not only treat the symptoms, but also to understand the cause. If back pain is affecting how you move through your day, you should certainly consider chiropractic care!

Call Wellness for the Body at 905.465.4595 to make an appointment with one of our chiropractors.


If you would like to know more about how chiropractic treatment can help you, call us to book a free 10-minute consult, where one of our chiropractors will answer your questions before you commit to an initial visit. Call us at 905.465.4595 to book.

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Can Massage Therapy Help You Get Better Sleep?

Jenny Haugen RMTEvgenia (Jenny) Haugen, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist & Craniosacral Practitioner

Sleep is necessary for good health and well-being. For many individuals it is nearly impossible to get a good night sleep. Insufficient sleep decreases concentration as well as the ability to make good decisions. It can alter one's mood, and also affect their ability to participate in daily activities. Health issues could arise from insufficient sleep such as memory loss, obesity, diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

There are ways you can control your insomnia. The following simple tips on “Sleep Hygiene” can help improve your sleep:

  • Decrease consumption of caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco before bedtime
  • Avoid late afternoon naps
  • Do not exercise prior to bedtime
  • Decrease consumption of liquids late in the evening
  • Avoid large meals before going to bed, however do not go to sleep hungry
  • Ensure the bedroom is a good sleeping environment - keep it comfortable and quiet
  • Keep noise to a minimum - use soft music if necessary and avoid the noise and bright lights of the tv
  • Turn off cellphones and other devices - keep them away from arms reach, perhaps even in another room
  • Take a warm bath and integrate relaxation techniques into your bedtime routine

sleep issuesSometimes our busy lives and the stressful situations that arise make it difficult to fully relax and properly incorporate the above "Sleep Hygiene" tips into our daily routines. Here is where massage therapy can help. Having a massage is a great way to achieve better sleep naturally.

Regular massage treatments will increase relaxation and circulation, decrease stress, pain and anxiety, which can help to improve your sleep pattern. Insomnia is often associated with a deficiency of serotonin, which is important in increasing the level of the sleep inducing hormone melatonin. Massage therapy naturally boosts the body’s production of serotonin helping you achieve the goal of a restful sleep.

Be sure to mention your sleep difficulties when going for your next massage. This will allow the therapist to tailor your treatment to your specific needs. Allow yorself to trust the care of the therapist and take this time to completely relax. In fact, you may fall asleep during the massage, and that's a good thing! Massage therapy is a low-risk natural approach to treating insomnia. Come to our wellness center and give it a try. We welcome the opportunity to improve your quality of sleep.


Please call us at 905.465.4595 for more information and to book your appointment.

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