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I am a chiropractor. I love my job.
Being Open Minded About Reiki Healing

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March 2017

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I am a chiropractor. I love my job.

Dr. Caren Fortin, BHK, DC
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Caren Fortin DCChiropractic excites me and I love sharing it with others. If you have never seen a chiropractor and are perhaps contemplating booking an appointment, here are some quick points that explain a bit about who I am and what I do (keep in mind that not all chiropractors treat the same).

  • I am a hands-on chiropractor
  • I will do my best to communicate clearly and answer any questions you may have
  • I look at how the body moves and why it’s causing pain
  • I am a holistic practitioner. I believe that a treatment consists of more than the physical aspect
  • I treat children to elderly, athletes to office workers
  • My visits are usually about 15 minutes in duration
  • I give you undivided attention and only treat one client at a time
  • I work on the muscles and joints, from jaws to toes, and everything in between
  • If there is another type of treatment that is better suited for your complaint, I will recommend it
  • Soft tissue/muscle work is a therapy that I include in my treatments
  • I use activator, mobilizations, manual adjustments, drop pieces, and/or stretches in my treatments
  • I will likely give you some “homework” to do on your own between visits

I tell you these things because I don’t want you to be concerned about making an appointment with me or any other chiropractor for that matter. Ask questions! Feel comfortable with who is treating you and enjoy your journey to feeling better! I look forward to meeting you.


To book an appointment or free 15-minute consult with Dr. Caren, please call us at 905.465.4595.

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Being Open Minded About Reiki Healing

Gabriella Tozser, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner

Gabriella Tozser RMTReiki as a healing touch can help reduce your stress and promote healing to your body and mind. I came across this healing method many years ago, but was skeptical about the way it was explained as a magical pill that cures all. My goal in life is to be and stay open minded, so I explored the wonders of Reiki to satisfy my curiosity. Before taking the level 1 and 2 courses at Holy Fire Reiki, I visited a Reiki Master for a session with her in order to form my own opinions. I secretly hoped this session would break down my old outdated beliefs about energy healing, and it did! Because I was open minded and receptive, Reiki healing had a profound effect on me.

I had stress in my life and I wanted to feel better – I knew I had to try Reiki. The Reiki Master I went to is also a massage therapist, so I was naturally comfortable with her. The length of a Reiki session can be as long as needed (usually one hour), but this Reiki session was incorporated into a massage treatment for about 20 minutes. During the session, the Reiki Master gently put her hands on my shoulders, then right above my chest, and then held my cranium while I relaxed. My mind drifted into a very calm and relaxed state as I experienced flashbacks to my past, travelling through them like a movie. In a Reiki session, every person has a different experience or ' vision'; it is never the same for everybody, but it can be similar.

reiki healingDuring the treatment, I sensed her palms were warmer than usual, which I thought was a natural physical occurrence. Later, I learned that her warmer hands were a sign of the intense energy flow from the universal healing energy moving through her body into mine. This experience was very calming for me as it allowed me to let go of grievances that were causing me stress. It was as if the grievances melted off and away from me. Because one's mind and body are interrelated, the massage treatment combined with the Reiki created a fuller experience. My muscles were less tense and I was mentally and spiritually revived; I felt uplifted and more balanced. Healing results may vary as it may depend on the patient’s receptiveness and the Reiki giver’s certification or 'attunement' level. And sometimes you will need multiple visits.

You might think Reiki simply has a placebo effect because there is no scientific way to prove the results, but I believe we should rely on the patient’s positive outcomes as their own individual proof. I believe that we should rely on the patient’s positive outcomes as their own individual proof. After my positive Reiki experience, I became a Reiki believer and then pursued certification as a practitioner. I encourage you to stay open minded and try a Reiki healing session in combination with a massage therapy treatment. If you have a medical health condition and intend to use Reiki as part of your treatment, please do so under the supervision of an enlightened Medical Doctor or other health care professional.


Please call us at 905.465.4595 for more information and to book your appointment.

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