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Massage Therapy: An Ideal Partner For Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
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September 2013

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BOOK A MASSAGE - Support A Cause

This September represents the 8th year anniversary for Wellness for the Body, and what better way to celebrate than to support a wonderful and worthwhile charity. Wellness for the Body is proud to announce that for each one hour massage provided in the month of September, $1 will be donated to The Oakville & Milton Humane Society.
Call 905.465.4595 to book your September appointment and to celebrate and support with us!

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Massage Therapy: An Ideal Partner For Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Jacki Higenbottam, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist

Jacki Higenbottam RMTDespite the popular practice of separating Western medicine from all other types of healing, arthroscopic knee surgery and massage therapy are ideal partners.

Utilizing the power of massage therapy soon after knee surgery offers the client the best of both wellness approaches: surgical repair of the damaged tissue and body work to aid in the tissue's healthful recovery.

About Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

A viewing instrument in the shape of a long tube is used to view the internal structure of the knee for evaluation and treatment. Because the knee doesn't totally need to be cut and opened up, arthroscopic surgery is less tissue trauma, less pain and promotes a quicker recovery.

Common knee injuries for which arthroscopy is considered include:

- meniscus tears
- ligament strains and tears
- deterioration of cartilage under the patella

Success for this procedure relies highly on patients commitment to his or her rehabilitation.

Recovery with Massage Therapy: Benefits of Treatment Post Arthroscopy

- decreased postoperative pain
- decreased sympathetic responses to postoperative pain
- accelerated rate of decline in the intensity of postoperative pain
- decreased dose of analgesics
- increased level of calmness and feelings of well-being

Great care is required while addressing a postoperative knee. Massage therapy that is gentle and properly applied can be a great benefit for:

- unlocking the quadraceps musculature
- improving lymph circulation around the knee
- smoothing out myofascial restrictions
- prohibiting scar tissue formation
- draining local edema

All of the strengths mentioned above help to decrease pain, increase range of motion and function, and speed the healing recovery.

Following post arthroscopic knee surgery has the best outcome with combined therapies including physiotherapy, and massage therapy.


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