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Issue: April 2012


In This Issue:
Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care
The Importance of Follow Up Treatments
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Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

dr shima shahidyDr. Shima Shahidy, (Hon) B.Sc., DC
Chiropractor, Acupuncture & Graston Technique Provider

During pregnancy the weight of the baby affects your spine as your center of gravity moves forward. As the baby grows, the abdominal muscles stretch, losing their ability to contract. This means they cannot keep the alignment of the low back as your posture changes. The hormones that circulate in the body during pregnancy (relaxin) increase and cause the joints and ligaments to loosen.

For these reasons, back pain is the most common complaint of pregnant mothers. The change in centre of gravity, ribcage enlargement and poor body mechanics can cause joint restrictions and nerve and vascular (blood vessel) impingement. Like many other biomechanical issues, the muscle spasms, joint dysfunctions and soft tissue pain that comes with pregnancy is well addressed by manual therapies such as chiropractic and massage. 

Chiropractic care during and after pregnancy is safe and effective and can help mothers transition into the physical demands of motherhood. Strategies for breastfeeding posture, lifting, bending and carrying the baby, sleeping and exercising are just some of the topics covered with women who are expecting or have recently given birth. 

chiropractic and pregnancyMany people wonder if it is difficult to receive a chiropractic adjustment when pregnant. As with all patients, appropriate modifications are made to the adjusting techniques at each stage of pregnancy. There are special pillows used to help the expectant mother lay face down safely when needed. These pillows cradle the belly without putting pressure on it. This is often the only time a pregnant woman gets to lie in this position. 

Lower back pain aside, many women suffer from other conditions as a result of pregnancy which include Bell's Palsy, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Headaches. These conditions can be treated with a combination of chiropractic care and acupuncture. As always, it is important to determine the cause of the condition and work in cooperation with all your health care providers to ensure the best and safest treatment approach is taken.


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The Importance of Follow Up Treatments

Gabriella Tozser, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist

gabby tozser RMTFollow up treatments are importantin order to attain physical recovery much quicker.

When you visit a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) he or she will provide you with a treatment plan. The plan itself would be communicated to you verbally and would be written in your file for future reference. This treatment plan is individually designed to treat the symptoms of your conditions and would include the regularity and number of follow up treatments recommended.

For example, if you have a nagging tension headache for days, that indicates you have tensed up muscles in your neck and shoulders. Most likely this is from bad body posture at work and it’s time to see an RMT. They would appropriately assess you before the actual massage starts. This includes checking your range of motions, special testing, palpating the muscles that are hurting and asking questions about your daily physical habits. Your RMT would then come up with a treatment plan. In this case you might need a couple of follow up massages to lessen the tension and the pain in your muscles and increase the range of motion in your neck if it was limited. As well, after the massage, your RMT could give you some homecare stretches or strengthening exercises.

There are many conditions clients suffer from - the most common being neck and shoulder pain. Although massage itself is not a cure, in some cases where there is little hope of recovery, monthly massage therapy has shown to greatly improve the quality of life. More complicated cases may require more therapy and time.

Muscular and joint pain can develop over time and in order to feel better we should be investing more time in our health and well being. Keep in mind how powerful and healing the human touch can be.

Lastly, coming to see an RMT on a regular basis for a massage can improve your overall health and boost your immune system. If you are coming to see us for a relaxation massage which does not require a plan, it is still highly recommended at least monthly.   


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