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Issue: February 2012


In This Issue:
Workplace Health and Safety
Get the Most out of your Chiropractic Visits
Shin Splints - A Common Injury for Runners
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Workplace Health and Safety

Dr. Shima Shahidy, (Hon) B.Sc., DC
Chiropractor, Acupuncture & Graston Technique Provider

dr shima shahidy This month, the Ontario Ministry of Labour is focusing on Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD's). This is a big word but the definition is right there; it is injuries and conditions related to our muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. In the workplace, these types of disorders are the number one cause of lost time. Not only is this a significant issue for the workplace in terms of productivity, but it is also a cause of acute and chronic pain for the worker.

MSD's can be prevented through proper job planning, regular risk assessments and implementing guidelines to minimize risk. You may think that if your job does not involve lifting or is not labour intensive then you are not at risk. This is not true. Office and computer work requires long consecutive hours of sitting and repetitive use of small muscle groups for typing and mouse work. Although this may not cause a dramatic acute injury such as back sprain, it can result in cumulative trauma to muscles in the neck, back, arms and hands. Conditions usually associated with this type of work are, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis in the elbow, neck pain and headaches.

One of the main components of your visits with me is a discussion about your occupation to determine the contributors of your health concerns. I often ask patients to bring a picture of their workstation at home or at work, their car or truck (if they drive a lot) and I go through proper computer use (whether it's a desktop or laptop). Together, with an understanding of the effects of your job tasks on your body, we can plan a course of action which will help you offset the stress. Core and postural education along with ergonomic principles applied to both office and industrial work can help you work healthy! Also of great importance is maintaining your general fitness and eating well to fuel your body for work.

If your workplace is doing any activities related to health and safety, I would be glad to come in and talk about these topics and how to prevent workplace injury.

Get the Most out of your Chiropractic Visits

1) BOOKING: Be sure to let reception know if you are pregnant, injured, or have been in an accident. If you are coming in due to a motor vehicle accident, this will require further instructions. For all other appointments, please advise reception what type of visit you desire (regular, extended, acupuncture, Graston, etc.), so the appropriate amount of time can be booked.

chiropractic care2) FORMS: Download and complete your paperwork ahead of time so you can look up information if need be. Otherwise come in 15 minutes earlier than your appointment time. A complete medical history including all surgeries, injuries or accidents will make the appointment run smoothly. Perhaps bring a list of all the concerns you have and circle the most important/pressing one(s).

3) MEDICAL HISTORY: Bring any relevant medical documentation with you, including a list of current medications, referral notes, xray, CT, ultrasound, MRI and blood and urine test results. The more we understand about your overall health, the better we can help you.

If you suffer from a chronic issue, try using a journal to keep track of your symptoms. For example, if you are dealing with headaches, write down every instance and specify what you were doing at the onset, how bad it was (intensity), and what helped to relieve it, etc.

4) DRESS APPROPRIATELY: Wear clothing that will allow you to move easily and allows access to the area of complaint (for example the knee). Gowns are always available for your convenience.

5) RE-BOOKING: For many straightforward complaints, patients often receive treatment on their initial visit. This is not always the case however. We may require further information (such as test results or further imaging like x-rays) or we may use the visit to create an appropriate and customized care plan for you. This is in your best interest as it will allow us to take the time needed to offer you the most appropriate treatment.

If several sessions have been recommended for you, we suggest booking them in advance so we can do our best to accommodate your appointment times according to your schedule.  

Looking forward to a healthy year!


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Shin Splints - A Common Injury for Runners

Andrea Nederveen, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist

andrea nederveen RMTShin splints is a pain that will occur on the front of your lower legs on the side of your shin bone, also known as the Tibia. In runners this can be caused by excessive exercise, such as starting to run for the first time or increasing your speed and duration.

Often shin splints can be prevented by proper stretching to the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles which are located on the back of your lower leg. The gastrocnemius muscle crosses over the back of the knee and inserts into the achilles tendon. The Soleus muscle is just under the gastronomes, it does not cross the knee, but it also inserts into the achilles tendon.

· You can stretch the gastrocnemius muscle by doing a lunge and keeping your back foot planted on the ground and your knee straight. (Hold for 30-45 sec.)

· You can stretch the soleus muscle by doing a lunge and keeping your back foot planted on the ground and bending your knee slightly. (Hold for 30-45 sec.)

Another muscle group that is affected by shin splints are the peroneals, which are located on the lateral side of the tibia bone. This is the location you normally feel the pain of shin splints.

· You can stretch the preoneals as a group by pointing your toes down and toward your other foot. (Hold for 30-45 sec.)

If shin splints persist after a proper stretching of all your lower leg muscles, it would then be advisable for you to consult your doctor or chiropractor as there may be a possible stress fracture to the tibia.


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