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Issue: December 2011


In This Issue:
Occupational Sitting; an epidemic!
Shaking off the winter blues!
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Occupational Sitting; an epidemic!

Dr. Shima Shahidy, (Hon) B.Sc., DC
Chiropractor, Acupuncture & Graston Technique Provider

dr shima shahidyThat's right, it is. Even if you are a physically active person who runs for 30 minutes in the morning before coming to work, sitting all day at your desk can still have a negative effect on your overall health. New research is finding that sedentary work is a risk factor for many health concerns whether or or not you exercise. This is an incredibly important point because many of our jobs are office based and usually in front of a computer.

When we sit, it is often in a slumped position and this can affect the spinal curvature; the head goes forward, the upper back curves and the pelvis tilts flattening the lumbar spine. This puts strain on the muscles, ligaments and discs, essentially tiring them out. A tired muscle is a weak muscle and a weak muscle is far more susceptible to injury. The spinal curvatures are not independent and improper positioning of the lumbar spine (lower back) can result in neck pain as well. People who have existing neck and back pain also have an altered awareness of their own posture therefore it is extremely important to be educated on what the ideal posture is.

What do you do?

1) You MUST change your posture every 30 minutes. Stand up, move around and stretch.

2) It is important to support the spinal curves by using an appropriate chair or adding additional lumbar support.

One of the best movements you can do for the typical computer posture is called the Brügger Postural Relief exercise which you can easily find online.

  • Externally rotate the arms, point the thumbs backwards to open up the chest
  • Retract and depress the shoulder blades
  • Gently extend the entire spine (“look up, shoulders back”), take a purposeful, DEEP breath “make your ribcage as big as you can”)…hold this deep breath in for a few seconds and slowly return to neutral position during exhalation
  • Repeat 2-4 times per hour at work and take a drink of water each time

Occupational Sitting: Research updates
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Shaking off the winter blues!

Andrea Nederveen, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist

andrea nederveen RMTChristmas is a season of joy with family time and cozy nights listening to great music or watching your favourite movie while enjoying a hot beverage and snack. It is easy to get caught up in the joy of the holidays. This is the time many of us make well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions in regards to our health, and I would like to encourage you to follow through with them.

This is also the time of year when many of us get the winter blues. It’s dark when we leave for work and dark when head home. This tends to make us sluggish which often results in us neglecting our health and wellbeing. At the end of the day, it’s difficult to become motivated.

Here are a few helpful hints to combat the winter blues:

  • Try to work in natural light, or spend some time by a window. If possible, take a walk during your lunch or break time.
  • Get a personal trainer or a workout partner to hold you accountable for establishing and following through on a workout schedule.
  • Stop eating comfort food. Although they make you feel good at the time carbs tend to make you gain weight and feel sluggish.
  • Talk to your Doctor or Naturopath about taking supplements such as vitamin D, which you normally get from the sun, and cod liver oil, which helps with your immune function.
  • Try treating yourself to some personal time by doing some personal meditation.
  • Get a massage to relax, increase your blood flow, and get in tune with your body.
As Canadians we know the climate we live in can be brutal, if we mentally prepare ourselves and embrace winter by trying a few of these helpful hints maybe we can all get through the winter a little healthier and happier.


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