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Issue: July 2011


In This Issue:
Dr. Sam Says - Our new Naturopathic Newsletter
Do I have Sciatica?
The difference between Massage and Shaitsu
Our Clinic Director Becomes a Warrior for a Day
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Dr. Sam Says

Our Naturopathic Doctor is now creating and printing a monthly newsletter which is available at Wellness for the Body.

Dr. Ristimaki will be covering various issues including thyroid function, stress, weight and nutrition, skin issues, and many more hot topics. As a bonus, each newsletter will include tasty and healthy recipes right out of Dr. Samantha's book of favorites.

Drop by the clinic anytime to grab your own copy. And now due to popular demand, we have placed these newsletters online. Simply click here to view and download them all!

samantha ristimaki


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Do I have Sciatica?

dr shima shahidyDr. Shima Shahidy, (Hon) B.Sc., DC
Chiropractor, Acupuncture & Graston Technique Provider

Quite often a patient will come in and say, "I have sciatica". They are usually referring to a combination of symptoms involving back or buttock pain that goes down the leg to the knee or even further to the ankle.

Sciatica is pain felt in along the pathway of the sciatic nerve and may or may not include pain in the pelvis or lower back. The sciatic nerve is a large nerve which starts in the low back and continues through the buttocks and down into the lower limbs.

Although it is often self-diagnosed by patients, the cause of these symptoms can be due to several different diagnoses including narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis), lumbar disc herniation, a tumour or other lesion within the spine, fractures within the hip or pelvis, and nerve compression along the pathway of the sciatic nerve. As you can see, some of these diagnoses are more sinister than others. While some can be dealt with conservatively through manual therapy, others require immediate medical attention or co-treatment with other health professionals. For this reason, your chiropractor will take a detailed history and do a thorough physical exam to determine what the cause of your sciatic pain may be.

One common cause of sciatic pain is entrapment or compression of the sciatic nerve within the piriformis muscle which is a muscle in the buttocks. This is called "Piriformis Syndrome". The piriformis can spasm due to an injury, enlarge due to overuse, or in some cases the sciatic nerve actually runs through the belly of the piriformis muscle (genetic variation) and the muscle can compress the nerve.You will notice buttock pain, difficulty in seated position, tenderness in the buttocks, painful hip motion and even pain with urination or bowel movements.

It is important that you describe all your symoptoms to your chiropractor so that he or she can make the appropriate diagnosis, choose the correct treatment options and refer you if necessary.

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The difference between Massage and Shaitsu

Andrea Antaya, RMT, Dipl. S.T.
Registered Massage Therapist, Shiatsu Therapist & Reiki Practitioner

andrea antayaOver  the past few years I have had many clients come for Massage, see my Diplomas and ask what the difference is between Massage and Shiatsu and if it would be beneficial for them.

The answer is yes! What most people don’t know is that they are based on completely different concepts of how our bodies function. Massage is based on Anatomy and Physiology. Shiatsu is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the energy pathways in the body.

Both have a different view on how to treat many conditions but are equally effective. When an area of the body is in pain, the muscles tend to be tight but there can also be a blockage of energy. Having both Massage and Shiatsu combined in a treatment is a great way to effectively treat from both perspectives. I encourage all my clients to try Shiatsu combined in with their massage treatment and see for themselves what it feels like to receive and how it makes them feel afterwards.

One big misconception about Shiatsu is that it will hurt, it doesn’t have to! Just like massage, the pressure can be modified. It is actually very relaxing. Book in today and experience the benefits of Shiatsu for yourself.

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warrior dash

Our Clinic Director Becomes a Warrior for a Day

Congratulations go out to our clinic director, Jennifer Lickver, for completing the Warrior Dash on Saturday July 9, 2011.

This was a 5 km run with hazardous obstacles along the way such as mud, fire, cargo nets, steep hills and scrap yards. It was a blistering hot day for Jenn and her team of super pigs (costumes where encouraged at the event), but they all still managed to finish under their personal goal of one hour.


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