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Issue: November 2008

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Purchase Gift Certificates Over the Phone or Online
Unused Group Benefits for 2008?
Shoveling 101: Spare Your Back
Now Available - Klean Kanteen® Stainless Steel Water Bottles


Purchase Gift Certificates Over the Phone or Online

Now purchasing the gift of health couldn't be any easier! Gift certificates may be purchased over the phone or online for any dollar amount, and can be sent to you by regular mail or email within 2 business days.

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Unused Group Benefits for 2008?

If so, take the opportunity to maximize your benefit coverage. All of our therapists are registered with their respective colleges, allowing you to claim your therapy for reimbursement under your group insurance.

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Shoveling 101: Spare Your Back

Dr. Shima Shahidy, (Hon) B.Sc., DC
Chiropractor & Graston Technique Provider

shima shahidyIt won’t be long before the snow starts gathering on the driveway and every year this means a lot of aches and pains for those of us shovelling. A shovelful of snow weighs 5-7 lbs which means you are moving hundreds of pounds clearing your driveway! There are several important things to keep in mind to help you maintain a healthy back this winter:

1. Don’t let the snow pile up
Frequent shovelling of smaller amounts of snow will be easier on your body.

2. Pick the right shovel
Use a light-weight shovel that allows you to push and has a comfortable grip.

3. Warm up
Before doing any physical activity, a 15 minute warm-up followed by simple stretching will decrease your chance of injury. A quick walk around the block or on that treadmill in the basement is a good start.

4. Push don’t throw
Push the snow to either side of the driveway with your shovel rather than lifting each load.

5. Bend your knees
If you do have to lift the shovel, keep your back straight and bend your knees. Avoid twisting motions while lifting as this can aggravate your back.

6. Take a break
If you feel tired, take a break, stretch or even ask for help. If you have chest or back pain, stop shovelling immediately. See a family doctor immediately if you experience sever chest pain. For back pain that is severe or persists for several days, see a chiropractor.

7. Dress for the weather
Wear layers, preferably made of natural fibres. Make sure your hands, feet, face and head are well protected from the elements.

8. Stay hydrated
Even in the cold weather, your body needs fluids. Drink lots of water or juice during and after outdoor winter activities.

Proper exercise, nutrition and regular spinal check-ups are an important part of maintaining a healthy back.

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Klean Kanteen® Stainless Steel Water Bottles

klean kanteenKlean Kanteen® eco-friendly, durable, bpa-free reusable stainless steel water bottles are now available at Wellness for the Body

Why Klean Kanteen?
Klean Kanteen® provides choices that promote healthy living with respect for the environment. We believe that we can transform the world in which we live by promoting environmental awareness and conservation.

Recent studies have shown that many plastic water bottles including Lexan® bottles, leach toxins, such as Bisphenol A (BPA). These studies have linked BPA to breast cancer and reproductive mutations.

Good Health Is In Your Future
The stainless steel in your Kanteen is the high quality food-grade stainless steel that goes through an electropolishing process to smooth the surface. Klean Kanteen stainless is 100 percent non-leaching and toxin free, making it a safe, healthy alternative to plastic or lined metal containers.

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or visit www.wellnessforthebody.com/kleankanteen.html