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Issue: June 2008

In This Issue:
Plant and Rake without the Ache
Female Hormone Balance: Birth Control isn’t always the answer
Now Available - Klean Kanteen® Stainless Steel Water Bottles
Walk Now for Autism - Team Wellness


Plant and Rake without the Ache

carole smithDr. Carole Smith, B.A., DC

Now that the weather is much more agreeable, we are all raking, lifting, digging, kneeling and planting in our yards, which is very hard on our joints! Poor gardening techniques can lead to repetitive strain injuries, increase degenerative joint and disc problems, and cause sprain and strain injuries to muscles throughout the body.

Let’s enjoy our gardens, and the gardening season, by keeping the following tips in mind:

Stretch out before you head out. Take the time to prepare your body for activity, just like you would for any other type of workout. Always warm-up and cool down your muscles. Add a short walk and you’ll have a complete cardio and strength program.

Use good lifting technique. Keep the load close to your body with your back straight (Remember how to find your neutral spine?). Bend your knees while picking up and putting down the load. Avoid twisting. Ask someone for help with heavy, awkward loads.

Use the right moves:

• Alternate your tasks. Take turns between heavy chores such as digging and less physically demanding tasks such as planting.
• Stand with one leg forward and one leg back when you rake. Raking can put significant strain on your back and arms. So take extra care with this activity.
• Change hands often: Changing hands frequently when you rake, hoe or dig prevents muscle strain on one side of the body and will also strengthen muscles that may not get used as often.
• Kneel or sit to plant and weed. Constant bending can put strain on your back, neck and leg muscles and joints. Use kneepads or a kneeling mat to minimize the amount of bending required, and to make kneeling and sitting more comfortable.
• Change positions frequently. Make a point of changing position every 10 to 15 minutes. Move from kneeling to standing, from digging to planting. I always tell my patients that the body can adapt to anything, as long as it is for short periods of time.

Use proper tools. Make sure that tools are a comfortable weight and size for you. There are many ergonomically designed tools which are lightweight with long, padded handles and spring-action mechanisms that can reduce strain and effort.

Take a break! Get-up, move around, alternate tasks, repeat your stretch routine or sit back, relax and have a cool drink. Try not to overexert yourself; and take three brief breaks at least once every hour. The work can also be spread over several days! Give yourself a breather. Your back will thank you!

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Female Hormone Balance: Birth Control isn’t always the answer

Dr. Samantha Ristimaki, BSc, ND (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine)

samantha ristimakiThe pill is prescribed for many “non-contraceptive” reasons such as acne, uterine fibroids, PMS, heavy bleeding or cramping with no consideration as to safety from breast cancer and blood clots. Women taking “low dose” birth control pills are getting more estrogen than what is recommended for post-menapausal women. “Low dose” just means lower than before, which is still a problem as the research shows. With the incidence of hormone induced cancers on the rise, it is important to address the root cause of the problem before applying a band aid approach.

Hormones are fundamental to health and hormone imbalances are often responsible for negative health concerns. The pill often masks imbalances in estrogen and progesterone. Too little progesterone relative to estrogen can result in estrogen dominant symptoms like weight gain, breast tenderness, anxiety, fluid retention and fibrocystic breasts.

Uterine fibroids which can cause heavy painful periods can actually be promoted by taking the pill and hormone replacement therapy. Increased estrogen intake and xenoestrogen exposure from chemicals in products such as plastics, pesticides, cosmetics, household cleaning products and even the water we drink promotes the growth of uterine fibroids.

Diet and lifestyle factors are often significant contributing factors. Foods such as red meat, dairy, shellfish, and peanuts can promote heavy bleeding because they cause thickening of endometrial lining which is responsible for bleeding. Bowel problems caused by stress and poor diet can also promote inflammation and increase menstrual pain. Heavy bleeding and excess cramps can also be associated with overexertion, chronic illness, food sensitivities and vitamin deficiencies.

It is important not to overlook other physical hormonal imbalances. A concern such as weight gain may be associated with low thyroid function that could result from elevated estrogen or excess stress hormone production. Weight loss is also difficult in women with elevated testosterone.

Accessing hormones as well as considering lifestyle and diet are critical to getting to the root of women’s health concerns. Salivary hormone testing can provide more information relative to a blood test. Hormones pass into saliva from tissue which means that a saliva hormone level measures hormone levels within cells. In contrast, blood hormone levels reflects hormone which has not yet been delivered to tissue.

A comprehensive approach to hormone balance is key. Consider a naturopathic approach to determining the root cause of your health concerns.

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Klean Kanteen® Stainless Steel Water Bottles

klean kanteenKlean Kanteen® eco-friendly, durable, bpa-free reusable stainless steel water bottles are now available at Wellness for the Body

Why Klean Kanteen?
Klean Kanteen® provides choices that promote healthy living with respect for the environment. We believe that we can transform the world in which we live by promoting environmental awareness and conservation.

Recent studies have shown that many plastic water bottles including Lexan® bottles, leach toxins, such as Bisphenol A (BPA). These studies have linked BPA to breast cancer and reproductive mutations.

Good Health Is In Your Future
The stainless steel in your Kanteen is the high quality food-grade stainless steel that goes through an electropolishing process to smooth the surface. Klean Kanteen stainless is 100 percent non-leaching and toxin free, making it a safe, healthy alternative to plastic or lined metal containers.

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Walk Now for Autism

walk now for autism 2008On Sunday June 8th, 2008 our clinic participated in the Walk Now for Autism. Team Wellness braced against the heat and humidity, and joined many others affected by autism in raising funds for autism research. This year the walk raised over $600 000 for much needed research to help individuals affected with autism.

Autism affects one in every 150 children born today. Despite some promising discoveries, the cause of autism is unknown and a cure does not exist. Research is crucial. Every 20 minutes another child is diagnosed with autism. Not only must we find ways to improve the quality of life for children and adults with autism, but we also must find a cure, and soon.

Thanks for your part in helping us take this important step in the fight for autism research!

Dr. Carole Smith has developed a special needs physical rehabilitation program now available at Wellness for the Body.

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