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Issue: May 2008

Spring into Healthy Foot Support

carole smithDr. Carole Smith, B.A., DC

Now that the weather is improving, it is time to start taking our exercise routines outside, whether it be running, walking, or playing sports. No matter what our choice of exercise, it is essential to have good support on our feet. The function of a running shoe is to protect the foot from the impact of movements while also permitting the body to reach its maximum potential.

Pick the shoe that is right for you

Some people have low arches, and are called pronators. These people require a shoe with more stability.

Other people have high arches, and are called supinators. These people require a shoe with more cushioning.

Some people may even require orthotic inserts inside their shoe to help prevent pain and maximize their potential. A chiropractor is trained to assess your feet and can help provide information on what you should look for in a shoe to suit your specific needs and biomechanics.

Tips for shopping for shoes

• Shop in the afternoon or evening, as your feet tend to accumulate fluid and swell throughout the day. What may have been comfortable earlier could now become tight.
• Not all shoes are created equally. The same shoe sizes can have different fits depending on the maker. Make sure to try several sizes to find the most comfortable shoe.
• Avoid buying shoes that you feel need a break-in period. Shoes should be comfortable from the first time you put them on.
• Select a running shoe store with knowledgeable staff who can provide advice on the shoe that best suits your activity, body structure and type of foot.
• Running shoes are an investment in your health. Better quality shoes may cost more but will pay off in terms of support and sturdiness. A mid-priced shoe may offer the best value.
• Most importantly, your running shoes must be comfortable – go for a short jog inside the store to test them out!
• And lastly, to prevent injury, don’t forget to replace your runners every 400 to 600 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first.

Chiropractors can help you prevent running-related problems by assessing your gait, as well as the mobility of the joints in your feet, legs, pelvis and spine. Should you suffer stress and strain from running, a chiropractor can also provide treatment for your pain, as well as assess and cast you for custom orthotics.

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Needeless Laser Acupuncture - Now Available

needleless cold laser acupunctureA new fast, effective, and pain-free method

Low level laser therapy is a form of natural therapy that combines ancient techniques and modern science. The ancient techniques evolve from over 5000 years of acupuncture practice, a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The modern aspect comes from the use of a laser and from up to date medical knowledge to treat various conditions. With laser acupuncture, light is produced with a laser and is used instead of needles to stimulate acupoints. This is known as needleless laser acupuncture.

This makes laser therapy an excellent treatment option since this technique is fast, effective and painfree.

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Introducing the Newest Member of Our Wellness Staff

Leah Rosso RMT Leah Rosso, RMT

Leah is a Registered Massage Therapist and a Graduate of Sutherland - Chan Teaching School and Clinic in Toronto, Ontario. She is also trained in NISA (Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment) techniques that address the body's facia.

Leah works with postural re-education, compression disorders, low back pain and decreased range of motion, as well as stress reduction and many other soft tissue/joint complaints.


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Purchase Gift Certificates Over the Phone or Online

Now purchasing the gift of health couldn't be any easier! Gift certificates may be purchased over the phone or online for any dollar amount, and can be sent to you by regular mail or email within 2 business days.

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