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Issue: September 2007

Welcoming Our New Chiropractor - Dr. Carole Smith

Dr. Carole Smith, B.A., DC

carole smithDr. Smith graduated with Clinical Honours from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. She is also certified in contemporary medical acupuncture (McMaster University). Dr. Smith has been treating a variety of patient conditions, including sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, acute and chronic conditions, as well as car accidents and other traumas. She is also an experienced worker with different types of special needs patients. She spent a year interning at the Muki Baum Children’s Center in Toronto doing chiropractic and rehabilitation for the students, and has worked as an IBI therapist for children with autism for over 10 years.

Dr. Smith received music and academic scholarships to attend Simon Fraser University and holds a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in psychology with a focus on children with autism. She is an accomplished musician having won various bagpipe competitions across North America and Scotland, including the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland. This has given her insight and experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of muscular strains and other injuries related to playing instruments at a highly competitive level.


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Food Allergy Lab Testing

Dr. Samantha Ristimaki, BSc, ND (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine)

samanthaFood intolerances have been recognized to have implications in many chronic and acute disease conditions. When the body does not tolerate a specific food, immune complexes called IgG’s are formed. If the body can’t get rid of them, the body deposits them at various sites around the body which can then become sources of irritate or inflammation. This IgG response has been linked to either causing and/or provoking over 100 allergic symptoms.

A growing number of patients are reporting improvements to their health by simple elimination of certain foods that are found to be intolerant. A simple IgG antibody detection blood test provides a scientific, simple and rapid test that will identify which foods ought to be eliminated. The results are reliable and reproducible in the identification of 93 specific foods.

Before this test was available, controlled elimination diets were primarily used to diagnose the intolerance. Despite their benefits, they are extremely time consuming for the patient and practitioner and also require a high degree of patient motivation and compliance. The IgG blood is far more accurate in determining specific food intolerances. It saves valuable time so that the patient can work towards feeling better sooner.

Ask about how we can help you identify and treat your potential food intolerances.

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For over a decade, research has been showing the benefits of employee wellness programs. When your employees are healthy, they take fewer sick days. Employee satisfaction improves because team morale, commitment and loyalty improve resulting in increased productivity and performance.

This program offers small and large businesses and corporations an essential resource to provide a range of education and therapies aimed at wellness in the workplace.

For the fall, Dr. Ristimaki is offering complementary lunch and learn seminars to businesses in Oakville.

Stress Management
Acute Illness Prevention
Nutrition for combating fatigue

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