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Issue: December 2006 Volume 2

Holiday Gift Idea - Give the Gift of Natural Healing

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Collubrina - A Must Have Natural Remedy For The Holiday Season

By Brindusa Vanta, BSc, MD (Eur), HD (Hon), DHMS

brindusa vanta It’s that holiday season again…how can we avoid digestive problems while having a great time?

Collubrina being successfully used by many homeopaths over the years, provides fast relief from the indigestion of holiday overeating.

Collubrina is a diluted, non-toxic extract of a plant, and is prepared according to principles of homeopathy. Safe for any age, it is a family remedy.

It is very well-known remedy that has many indications including: nausea without vomiting, sour burping, bloating a few hours after eating, constipation, heartburn and indigestion after eating rich foods, spicy foods, overeating or excess of alcohol consumption. Symptoms are ameliorated by eating, warmth, rest and are aggravated by stimulants (coffee, alcohol, etc). Collubrina simply kicks your liver, kidneys and body’s cells into high gear, flushing last night’s toxins out of your body! Collubrina in 30 CH potency can be found as an over-the-counter product in health food stores.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water since alcohol and coffee dehydrate your body and don’t forget to exercise regularly…even a 20 minutes walk every day will help your digestion!

Interested in learning more about homeopathy? Call Wellness For The Body and book a 15 min complimentary consultation with Dr. Vanta.

Dr. Vanta wishes you Healthy Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

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