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Issue: November 2006

Unused Group Benefits for 2006?

If so, take the opportunity to maximize your benefits’ coverage. All our therapists are registered in their respective therapies, allowing you to benefit from any therapies covered by your group insurance.

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Introducing the Newest Member of Our Wellness Staff

Tanya Hamlet, Hon. B. Sc., RMT

tanya hamletTanya Hamlet has completed four years of undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto obtaining her Honours Bachelor of Science. She then went on to pursue her studies in Massage Therapy, graduating from ICT Kikkawa College.

Her previous experiences with massage include providing rehabilitative treatments to those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease as well as post event sports massage to marathon runners. Tanya’s specialties include pain and stress management focused massage treatments, Hot Stone massage and Myofascial treatments.

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Acute Bronchitis

By Banita Aggarwal, B.Sc, B.HSc, Hon. D. Ac

Banita AggarwalBronchitis is an inflammation of the breathing tubes (airways) that are called bronchi, which cause increased production of mucus and other changes. The two main types of bronchitis are acute, and chronic. Acute Bronchitis is the inflammation of mucus membranes of the bronchial tubes.

-infectious diseases such as viruses and bacteria, although, bacterial cause is not common
-more commonly it develops as a complication of an upper tract infection or as an exacerbation of acute infection in chronic bronchitis
-other causes are physical agents such as dust, allergens and strong fumes
-chemical agents such as cleaning compounds, tobacco smoke, and cannabis
-vegetable substances like cotton, flax, hemp, paprika, and baggase

In the early stage: dry, non-productive cough; later stage: mucoid or purulent sputum (thick and yellow sputum); burning substernal pain; runny nose; malaise; chills; slight fever; back and muscle pain; sore throat; wheezing

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the lungs are the main organ involved in acute bronchitis, since they function to govern Qi (energy) and respiration, and are mainly in charge of inhaling air. Once exogenous pathogens enter the body through the pores, nose or mouth, they invade the lungs and impair the normal function of the lungs in dispersing and descending. The onset of the disease is sudden in the manner of acute bronchitis.

TCM and Acupuncture categorizes acute bronchitis into 3 main syndromes: wind-heat; wind-cold and dryness-heat. Once the symptoms and signs are analyzed the treatment principle is formed with a prescription of acupuncture points according to which syndrome you fall in to.

The effectiveness in treating acute bronchitis through acupuncture versus the use of other treatments is great because there are no side effects, and you can avoid re-occurrence of the condition. The problem can be relieved within one or two weeks as a treatment cycle.

If you encounter acute bronchitis some tips to keep in mind are avoid the wind and cold weather as much as possible; if you’re a smoker - stop smoking; avoid eating raw, cold, spicy or deep-fried food; try to remain in an easy and calm mood, rather than stressful or anxious; and most importantly increase your fluid intake.

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Great News from Skin Care for Health

shahlaA Brand New Treatment from Sothys Paris especially for you made of all Natural Ingredients

By Shahla Dieroff, Holistic Esthetician & Therapeutic Touch RP

Winter is coming and your skin is craving beauty. Nourish it with a fruity, nutritive and repairing cocktail.

This special facial treatment is combined with your regular cleansing routine according to your skin type and in total will take 75 minutes.

A 10 minute massage with Chestnut Cream provides a real sensation of wellbeing. Delicately fragranced, it nourishes the epidermis and softens it visibly.

A gel, from extract of Mulberry will tone your skin leaving it feeling hydrated and supple.

This is followed by a peel off mask made from the extract of Fig, and the extract of Grape which gives you firmness of the skin and a great lift.


This treatment is suitable for all skin types. It is recommended as an interim facial when you want illumination and radiance for a glowing skin, especially for the upcoming festive season.

For a more intensive result three treatments one week apart is recommended.

Limited Time Offer

Introductory Price $75.00 (reg. $85.00)
A free gift with every facial

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Skin Care for Health

Visit: www.skincareforhealth.com

Thought of the Month

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--- Mike Weisberg